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About Us


Founded by autistic University Of Chichester Graduate Jamie Dyer, SouthWaves Audio seeks to provide stations and consumers with quality unique content.


The SouthWaves brand first came into prominence when SouthWaves Radio was launched in 2015. It was an online community speech and drama station for Chichester and beyond, which spawned quite a following. Founded and managed by Jamie Dyer, he worked with dozens of volunteers, organisations and charities on producing audio based content. The station closed in March of 2017 due to illness and lack of local support.


SouthWaves Audio sees a new era for the brand, as we seek to bring quality unique content to our audience. We understand how difficult it is to find content for radio schedules that makes the station stand out, and we want to help where we can.


For more details on what we do, please see our 'services' page.

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